Tempa di Zoè the beautiful soul of the Cilento region

Tempa di Zoè the beautiful soul of the Cilento region

We at Campania Wines seek exceptional wines that epitomise the essence of Campania. We’ve selected wines from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, and into the heartland of the Campania region.
An area that has been under represented in our portfolio until now is the Cilento region of Campania. Located in the province of Salerno, south of Naples, this region is famous for the Greek colonies of Paestum and Velia. We are extremely excited to announce that we have selected several of the wonderful wines from Tempa di Zoe’ from winemaker Bruno De Conciliis to add to the range of wines.
In 1980 a devastating earthquake struck the Campania region, and at that time, a young Bruno de Conciliis was studying in Bologna. On hearing the devastating news, he returned home and immersed himself in rebuilding the land he loved.
During the 1990’s after successfully helping to create a herb farm with some friends, Bruno turned his attention to winemaking. His family at the time, owned land which produced grapes which sold them onto a local co-operative.
Seeing this as an opportunity, and after several years studying wine, in 1996, Bruno produced his first harvest, that expressed the local area’s quality soils, quite unlike anywhere in the Campania region.
For such a long time, the Cilento region was immersed under the sea, and did not have any volcanic influences. Sedimentary rocks of sand and loam which contain pockets of minerals fan this region of Campania. The soil on the surface is a thin layer of clay which helpfully soaks up the Spring rains and forms a useful insurance policy in the hot summer months. The sequence of this sedimentary rock interspersed with silica and calcium (flysch), gives the overall soil a high alkaline content, perfect for vines.
Bruno named his vineyard Tempa di Zoè. The name Tempa di Zoè refers not only to a physical place; it is, above all, a declaration of intent. “Tempe” is the word for the rolling hills of Cilento that stretch down to the sea from north to south.
Zoè is the Greek word for the essence of life, the universal principle common to all things.

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There are approximately 8 hectares under vines at an altitude of about 150m above sea level. Bruno’s grapes are grown using organic & biodynamic methods but are not certified as such, and ferments all his grapes with native yeasts.
The vineyards, located in Torchiara, stretch over two hectares planted with Aglianico vines. “Zero” was named because it was the first wine to be produced. Whenever we start anything new, we always start from Zero, a base, and work our way to improve. Production of Zero commenced in 1997, and in 2015 and 2016 the new Aglianico and Fiano vines were added for a total of about five hectares.
“Diciotto” or “Eighteen”, is the name given to the first Aglianico produced in 2015 from vines planted in 2003. It’s also a celebration, a coming of age for this red wine.
“Asterìas” means starfish in the Greek language. It’s a nod to the presence of Monte Stella (Star Mountain) which rises to 1130 metres in the Cilento National Park, and is visible in the vineyard, which separates it from the sea. The grape variety is Fiano, one of Italy’s greatest white wine varieties. The Fiano made in this part of Campania, differs significantly from the Fiano further north east in Avellino. In the Cilento the Fiano shows notes of citrus and white peach, chamomile and honey with a savoury mineral finish.
We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we did when we first came across them.





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