Introducing Montevetrano Core Collection

Introducing Montevetrano Core Collection

Here at Campania Wines, our commitment to sourcing the excellence of Italian winemaking stands as our cornerstone. Today, we are excited to present two remarkable additions to our collection: Montevetrano Core Rosso Campania IGT and Montevetrano Core Bianco Campania IGT.

Montevetrano Core Rosso Campania IGT

Crafted with utmost dedication and reverence, Montevetrano Core Rosso pays homage to tradition and passion. Sourced exclusively from the scenic Sannio region nestled in the province of Benevento, this wine is a testament to passion and heritage. Launched in commemoration of Montevetrano’s 20th anniversary in 2011, ‘Core’ resonates profoundly, translating to ‘heart’ in the rich Neapolitan dialect.

Following a meticulous maceration period of 28 days, the wine undergoes fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by a delicate ageing process in new French barriques for 10 months. This creates a luscious ruby-red elixir enveloping the senses with notes of red fruits, ripe black cherries, and subtle undertones of cinnamon and chocolate. Despite its robust body, the tannins are well balanced. 

This wine is best served between 16-18°C, and is a divine companion to hearty dishes that elevate its character to new heights, click here to buy now. Explore the perfect pairing with our suggested recipe: Spezzatino con Piselli (Beef Stew with Peas and Rosemary)

Montevetrano Core Bianco Campania IGT

Embrace the symphony of Greco and Fiano grapes in Montevetrano Core Bianco Campania IGT. Sourced from the enchanting Sannio region within Benevento, this wine encapsulates the very essence of Italian terroir. Mirroring the essence of Core Rosso, Core Bianco pays homage to Montevetrano’s legacy with a nod to the heart of Neapolitan culture.

After undergoing cryo-maceration to preserve its intrinsic freshness, the grape varieties embark on separate fermentation journeys before harmoniously blending together. Over a span of 8 months, the wine matures on fine lees with meticulous weekly bâtonnage, resulting in a radiant pale yellow elixir exuding fragrances of rosemary, orange, and white peach.

With an alcohol content of 13.5% and recommended serving temperature between 10-12°C, Montevetrano Core Bianco is the quintessential accompaniment to fish-based first or second courses, click here to buy now. Elevate your dining experience with our recommended pairing: Pomodorini e Coda di Rospo (Monkfish and Cherry Tomatoes).

At Campania Wines, we invite you to savour the essence of Italian craftsmanship with the Montevetrano Core Collection. Experience the heart and soul of Campania in every sip.





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