Collana Verde-The Extra (Special) Virgin Olive Oil From Campania

Collana Verde-The Extra (Special) Virgin Olive Oil From Campania

Campania Wines is always on the lookout for exceptional wines and produce from the Campania region, and when we came across Collana Verde and their story, we were hooked. And as for the extra virgin olive oil, the quality surpassed our expectations when we tried the two styles of extra virgin olive oil on offer.
But first, a little bit about Collana Verde’s wonderful owners. Alfonso and Indre are two hardworking people who live and work in London but have yearned for a quieter lifestyle, one which brings them closer to nature. They spent their younger years helping on their family farms, Indre in the north of Lithuania and Alfonso in the north of Campania. Because of their upbringing, they shared this love of the land.
A few years ago, they started a search for a house in the Campania countryside, and one day was asked if they would be interested in viewing some land. Alfonso and Indre didn’t hesitate and found themselves committing their life savings on four hectares of terraced land with over 700 olive trees, a small vineyard and many other fruit trees.
The previous owner and now their good friend Gennaro, spent most of his life, as did his father and his grandfather tending the olive grove and making high quality extra virgin olive oil for the local people. Gennaro’s passion for olive oil was infectious and once Alfonso & Indre started to look into the extra virgin olive oil history and broadened their understanding of its health benefits, they were hooked. Alfonso and Indre wanted to be part of the increasing number of honest producers who work hard to create quality extra virgin olive oil while preserving a heritage in danger of being lost in rural areas.
Alfonso and Indre are following Gennaro’s footstep in the way they look after the olive grove by continuing to farm organically, and are blessed to have Gennaro’s knowledge being handed over to them to continue the great work spanning generations. This is the most natural option for them given the biodiversity of the land, the richness of its soil and the ideal micro climate. The methods they use to harvest and mill the olives gives confidence in the quality and the distinctive taste of their extra virgin olive oil.
Collana Verde And Campania Wines would like to to share this experience as widely as possible and with an amazing medium – their honest and beautiful Collana Verde extra virgin olive oil.
Campania Wines is delighted to be stocking the Collana Verde Extra Virgin Olive in a 250mL bottle, and an intriguing smoked extra virgin olive oil from Porto di Mola.
Collana Verde extra virgin olive oil is made from a blend of Itrana, Leccina, Frantoiana and Cicinella Sessana olives picked by hand and cold-pressed on the same day. This ensures that the olive oil retains all the flavours from the olives with notes of artichokes, freshly cut hay and the sweetness of almonds.
The method of harvesting and by using modern olive pressing techniques ensure that the oil is full of nutritional values and is very low in acidity. Acidity levels for the October – November 2021 harvest measured only 0.23%, well below the 0.8% threshold for extra virgin olive oil.
Porto di Mola smoked extra virgin olive oil is a blend of delicate and light Sessanella and fruity Frantoiana and Leccina olives. The lengthy cold-smoked process protects the superior quality of this beautiful oil whilst giving it a decisive and balanced smoked flavour, which is obtained by using young oak and apple wood sourced from the Porto di Mola estate.

With a distinguished taste this smoked extra virgin olive oil is suitable for a variety of dishes ranging from meat (for dressing or marinating), white fish, shellfish, mozzarella, all kind of vegetables (aubergine is a must try), and Alfonso’s favourite, boiled eggs.





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