Stregamora. A bewitching wine from Villa Matilde

Stregamora. A bewitching wine from Villa Matilde

Today’s red wine we will be focussing on is called Stregamora which is a real hidden gem of Italian viticulture. It is a wine obtained from 100% Piedirosso grapes, a typical Campanian grape variety, which is also known in local dialect as “Per’ e palummo”, which describes the grape stems resembling those of a dove’s foot.

The Villa Matilde winery from which Stregamora is from was born in 1960 in Cellole, in the province of Caserta and founded by Francesco Paolo Avallone, and today produces exceptional wines such as Falerno Del Massico.

The name Stregamora roughly translates as Blueberry Witch, and in the Campania region of Benevento, the strega or witch would gather under a walnut tree to cast their magic spells. Stregamora will certainly bewitch you – it is a vibrant red wine with violet undertones. It has a fruity aroma of red berries and notes of rose and violet.

Serve at a temperature of 14 °C., or if you like your red wines slightly cooler, serve at 10 °C. It’s often likened to a Pinot Noir, so if you like Pinot, you’ll be under Stregamora’s spell.

Ideal with pasta with tomato sauce, white meat, poultry, medium aged cheeses. It is also great paired with grilled fish.

Reviewed by James Suckling who said: ‘Ripe and layered with plenty of dried fruits, spice and orange stem. Medium to full body, firm and fresh’.

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