Staibano Amalfi Smooth Lemon-tangy liqueur to brighten any dull day

Staibano Amalfi Smooth Lemon-tangy liqueur to brighten any dull day

A new product for Campania Wines

Let’s face it, the weather hasn’t been that great lately in the UK and most of us are yearning for a bit of warmth and sunshine. Well, we can’t promise to do anything about the winter climate, but we can offer you a delicious new cream liqueur which  will transport you straight to blue skies and the hazy days of summer – even if you’re drinking it huddled against a radiator!

We’re proud to introduce Staibano Amalfi Smooth, made to a family recipe from 100% natural ingredients – and made with care and love, to preserve a very special drink created by a remarkable man called Don Vincenzo Staibano.

Don Staibano’s heritage

We’ve talked before about the stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast and that’s exactly where Don Vincenzo Staibano lived all his days, tending his lemon groves and enjoying a life filled with joy, fun and laughter. He loved to experiment, using the lemons he grew to make interesting alcoholic drinks, which we are sure made his famed parties go with even more of a swing!

It is Don Staibano’s 1932 recipe that his great-grandson, Cesco Amodio, has used to make Amalfi Smooth, in the firm belief that this delicious liqueur should no longer be kept in the family but shared with the whole world. We, for one, are very glad he came to this decision in 2015.

Creamy lemon heaven

Amalfi Smooth is made from the rinds of Amalfi lemons. That goes without saying. They’ve been awarded IGP status (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) to protect their enviable reputation as the world’s finest-tasting lemons. The peel is macerated with grain spirit then the delicious liquor is blended with local milk and sugar. The result? A wonderful creamy liqueur, which manages to be indulgent, and refreshing at the same time, 17% alcohol by volume.

It’s made in small batches by renowned producers, Terra di Limone, who fill, label and cap every bottle by hand, fulfilling the family wish to produce Staibano Amalfi Smooth in a way that honours its creator.

Naturalità, sensualità, eredità  

For non-Italian speakers, that’s the Staibano company maxim for its liqueur, that it should be natural, sensual and mindful of heritage. This has been achieved in Staibano Amalfi Smooth – and how! Drink it cold, perhaps over ice and, if you want to pay further tribute to Don Vincenzo Staibano, add a fresh basil leaf, because that’s what he used to do.

Campania Wines – bringing on the summer while it’s still winter outside!