Gluten Free Pasta Doesn’t Have To Be Tasteless!

Gluten Free Pasta Doesn’t Have To Be Tasteless!

Gluten Free Pasta Range new to Campania Wines!

Here at Campania Wines, we are constantly on the look-out for the best produce and wines that the region of Campania has to offer. We’ve turned our attention to one of the things, made popular throughout the world and which we can thank the people of Campania for.


In 1846 Antonio Rummo chose Benevento as the setting for milling wheat, as there was plenty of good quality grain and water. He started making fresh pasta with durum wheat flour which soon became famous across the whole of the Sannio valley.

Merchants of the time, who sent their grain from “Capitanata” (today the province of Foggia) to Naples via Benevento took advantage of this to transform it into flour of the highest quality. Today, after over 160 years, the ancient Rummo pasta factory of Via dei Mulini has become part of the old town of the city of Benevento and testimony of an ancient tradition.

And thanks to this pasta tradition, Rummo has turned its attention to producing gluten free pasta.

Rummo’s gluten-free pasta, prepared only with brown rice, GM-free raw white and yellow corn is just as delicious as traditional durum wheat pasta. As with the wheat pasta, the gluten free version is treated to the same high quality processes-the pasta is extruded though bronze dies to enhance every sauce.

Campania Wines have introduced Rummo spaghetti, linguine & penne. The retail price is £2.25

Order some today and why not buy our lovely passata too, to make an authentic pasta meal, without the wheat!

Buon appetito!