Quality 2015 vintage expected in the Campania region

Quality 2015 vintage expected in the Campania region

With the main harvests about to start throughout Italy, the Campania region has registered a positive growth against the previous year, with the harvest expected to be at least 20% up thanks to stable growing conditions.

How did the weather affect this year’s vintage?

Winter had heavy rainfall throughout the region with temperatures below average with good accumulation of water reserves.

Spring was not too hot but rather uneven, characterized by sudden drops in temperature, that led to a late budding for almost all wine-growing areas.

Late spring and summer were characterized by dry weather. The second part of June and July registered very high average temperatures without significant temperature changes between day and night.

The vines have been healthy all season and no pests have been registered. Pre harvest the grapes are very healthy.

The rains fell between late July and early August, having made an important contribution to the restoration of the grape maturation process. Photosynthesis slowed down because of the enormous heat.

With regards to the Campania region’s most famous wine, harvest commences at the beginning of November for Taurasi DOCG, therefore it is a little premature to draw conclusions on the qualitative and quantitative results of this vintage. At the moment it is estimated, however, a harvest of very good quality. And with the quantity rising by over 20% against 2014 which was only 1.183 million hectolitres of wine, 2015 will be a year of quality wines in bountiful supply.