Double delight at Campania Wines

Double delight at Campania Wines

Core Campania and Montevetrano Colli Di Salerno – a fine pair of new wines for your delectation

We’re always passionate about the wines we buy from the Campania region of Italy, but this week takes the excitement prize! We have two, yes two, new wines arriving, and they both come from an area which, until now, hasn’t featured in the Campania Wines range.

San Cipriano Picentino is a few kilometres inland from the port of Salerno.  It nestles on gentle slopes at the foot of the Campanian Apennines, blessed with a mild climate and a soil rich with mineral grains.

Here, in 1988, wine-lover Silvia Imparato enlisted the help of the top oenologist, Riccardo Cotarella, to produce a red wine, just for fun. That piece of fun turned into a profitable venture, the world -renowned Montevetrano, born out of love and an intimate knowledge of the land, its soil and weather conditions. It is this splendid wine that we would like to present to you today.

It’s produced from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and  Aglianico grapes, giving it an intensity of colour of the deepest of ruby reds. As for the taste — a sublime blend of exotic spices and the scents of an Italian woodland jewelled with wild cherries and blackberries. Perfect to accompany red meats, game and strong cheeses. The Wine Advocate describes the 2010 vintage as, ‘flat-out gorgeous’ and who are we to disagree?

From Campania Wines, treat yourself to a bottle of perfection for a special occasion for £50

And now, another drum roll — this time for Core Campania! That’s core, pronounced cor-ay, which is the local dialect for heart. Believe us, this wine really does have a lot of heart, even down to the label, designed by Silvia Imparato’s daughter. The Montevetrano estate  is certainly a family affair.

Core is 100% Aglianico, a grape variety native to Campania and packed with musky berry flavours. This characterful wine speaks of minerals, earth, blood and, yes, heart. Try it with a Sunday roast lamb rubbed with Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, thyme and sage.

At £20 a bottle, it’s exceptional value from Campania Wines.

These two wines are sought after across the world, demand exceeding production, so we feel privileged to be able to stock them on your behalf.

Our advice? You’d be mad to miss the opportunity of purchasing some Montevetrano Colli Di Salerno or Core Campania or better still, both! Your wine-tasting palate will thank you forever.