DUBL Greco wins prestigious award at the Italian Wine Oscars

DUBL Greco wins prestigious award at the Italian Wine Oscars

Campania Wines Ltd is proud to announce that we have in stock the ‘Best Italian Sparkling Wine’ which was recently awarded to Feudi Di Gregorio from Irpinia, Campania.

DUBL Greco, a classic champenoise method sparkling wine from Feudi di San Gregorio, was awarded the ‘Best Italian Sparkling Wine’ at the Wine Oscars’ at the International Wine Culture show in Rome in June 2015.

Antonio Capaldo, president of Feudi di San Gregorio said “DUBL is a special project in which we have worked with special people. Therefore for Feudi di San Gregorio, this award is a joy.

The sparkling DUBL, an ambitious project now in its tenth year of production, has reached and consolidated an exceptional quality, which expresses the full potential of the Irpinia area of Campania, and wants to assert itself more and more as a mark of excellence of the classic method in Italy.

Star winemaker Riccardo Cotarella teamed up with the another super star French Champagne maker Anselme Selosse to create a unique and high-end méthode champenoise.The name DUBL, means double.

The DUBL Greco is a sparkling wine with golden yellow colour and fine perlage, filled with floral, honey and nutty flavour, rich texture.

Yours to buy for only £25.00