Do you fancy a bit of good Karma in your life?

Do you fancy a bit of good Karma in your life?

Karma. According to Hindu & Buddhist texts, Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. This certainly rings true at Campania Wines!

Campania Wines Ltd, known for stocking wines and produce from the Campania region of Italy, has introduced four craft beers from the region of Campania to the UK.

The Karma Brewery in Alife, north of Naples, was born with a passion combining the flavours and scents of the local countryside and the modern vision of one Mario Cipriano. His creativity to classic recipes and using simple ingredients such as grape must, orange peels, lemon, the local ‘annurca’ apple gives different and unique flavour to the beers the brewery makes.

Karma beers, as other authentic craft beers, is fermented in the bottle and so has sediment; in fact, for keeping all the nutritional qualities unaltered, there is no pasteurisation, nor filtering and no preservatives. The quality of Karma is guaranteed both by the production and by the choice of using high quality ingredients: malt coming, in part, from biodynamic agriculture, the brown sugar is fair trade and the honey is organic.

The four beers we have chosen are distinct in their own way:

MARILYN – a light beer of high fermentation, with soft hints of malt, herbal notes, citrus and floral notes. The appearance is characterized by a startling clarity, light body and delicate aroma. Re-fermented in the bottle. Perfect with a classic Pizza Margherita.

CARMINIA – is an amber coloured beer characterized by intense hop aroma and slightly caramelized and roasted malts, further enhanced by the addition of hops during fermentation. Fermented and aged in the bottle. Great with Spaghetti with rocket & chilli, Roast beef, or ‘Paccheri’ with a lamb ragu’.

LEMON ALE, a clear beer made of malt, barley and rye, with a sharp spiciness of coriander and the addition of famous Amalfi Coast lemons. White foam and persistent, with a cloudy appearance typical of the Belgian ‘blanche’ style. Superb with Spaghetti with anchovy pesto.

RADICA is a golden coloured beer, looking bright, featuring a blend of gentian root, liquorice and ginger. The foam is rich and persistent. The herbaceous scent of hops and spices are in the foreground, followed by round, rich flavour of malt. Fermented and aged in the bottle. Ravishing with crepes with prawns, mozzarella and that hard to match vegetable asparagus.

So if you feel that your soul needs uplifting buy a bottle of Karma today. Please remember to drink responsibly.

All four beers sell for £4.50 for a 33cl bottle





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