If you go down to the woods today…

If you go down to the woods today…

in Umbria, you’re sure of a big surprise or two, especially if you take a dog with you!

The first surprise is that while we have only ever stocked products from the Campania region – (the clue is in our company name!) – Campania Wines have taken the decision to support an appeal for the people of Umbria after the devastating earthquake which rocked central Italy on August 25th this year.

The death toll was around 300 and the long-term effects incalculable, with small towns like Norcia in Umbria and Amatrice in Lazio largely reduced to rubble. Whatever help we can give them will mean a great deal to them, and to us. ‘But what has this got to do with woods and dogs?’ I hear you exclaim.

Let me explain in one word. Truffles. In the vineyards, olive groves and oak woods around Pietralunga, a guy called Giovannino has dedicated his life to finding and processing the very best black and white truffles, setting up a company called Jimmy Tartufi. His dream is to bring to his customers the sophisticated nuances of this very special fruit of the earth in its natural form, preserved and in all sorts of exclusive food products.

And the dogs? Local hunters use specially trained canines to sniff out the truffles, making use of noses which can be up to a million times more sensitive than ours. The Lagotta Romagnolo even looks like a truffle!

From Jimmy Tartufi we are proud to present:

Black truffle-flavoured extra virgin olive oil

White truffle-flavoured extra virgin olive oil

Black drop – a truffle-balsamic vinegar glaze

Every one of these products is sublime, bringing a subtle earthy flavour to pasta dishes, salads, crostini, omelettes, cheese, meat or fish.

From our own Campania region, we bring you:

Fattoria Terranova Black Truffle Sea Salt

It’s the perfect finishing touch for many savoury dishes, adding a special something reminiscent of the unique essence of rural Umbria.

Campania Wines will donate 10% of all its sales of truffle salts and truffle oils to the Umbria Earthquake disaster fund via the Red Cross.

It’s a great way to bring comfort to some people in desperate need, while enjoying a rare delicacy which will transport you, in your imagination, to a most beautiful part of Italy.