Lapilli-Falanghina – a white wonder – new to Campania Wines

Lapilli-Falanghina – a white wonder – new to Campania Wines

Lapilli translates as small stones. Its Falanghina is certainly causing ripples in the wine lakes of the world

There’s something that makes Italian wines particularly special and that’s the fierce pride their producers have for indigenous grapes. Too many wine-growing areas are tempted rip out heritage vines to replace them with international crowd-pleasers like chardonnay and merlot. Not so Campania. Definitely not so Lapilli, the family-run business established in 1996 in Irpinia, about 40 km east of Naples.

Lapilli works with local communes centred around the town of Avellino and dotted about hills of Lapio, Forino and Candida. They listen carefully to the families who’ve toiled on the land for generations and know how to coax the very best out of the soil. Together, on small patches of land, they produce a whole variety of grapes which they turn into intriguing wines of character, blessed by Italian sunshine and centuries of history.

The dedicated team at Lapilli didn’t hurry the process, learning as much as they could about one variety before developing their range with others. Fiano di Avellino came first,  followed by Greco di Tufo, Aglianico and last, but very much not least, Falanghina, grown on the lower slopes of the hills on soil that’s mostly limestone in origin.

It’s Lapilli-Falanghina that we’re thrilled to present to you as the new kid on the Campania Wines block. Lapilli drew on the wisdom of local elders, used the skill of wine-maker Marco Flacco, invested in the regeneration of the vineyards and in contemporary wine-making techniques, and in doing so transformed the image of a once-neglected grape.

Lapilli-Falanghina is a tangy wine, peachy, citrusy, hints of green apples, a little bit tropical. It tastes great with tomato-rich dishes from the Neapolitan region and it’s a perfect accompaniment to Italian fish dishes like fritti misti and lemony squid. Why not pair it with your Christmas turkey, for something a little different? Or have a glass just because…

We serve nothing but the best at Campania Wines, and Lapilli-Falanghina is no exception.