Nonna knows best! Sorrentino Vini wines

Nonna knows best! Sorrentino Vini wines

It all began with Nonna Benigna. As a young girl during the Second World War, she did not want to follow her parents’ simple country life, but to manage their property through her love of nature, she conserved and looked after the un-grafted grape vines that Sorrentino Vini treasure today.

The ancient vines that Nonna Benigna tended all those years ago play an important role in the philosophy of the Sorrentino company today.

‘a terr adda mangià comm ‘e figl nuost’ This land needs to eat, like our own children.

Nonna Benigna’s son, Paolo Sorrentino inherited her love for the local grape varieties, fruit and vegetables grown, and in the 1990’s began to expand the winery; encouraging wine tourism which led to tourists and wine lovers from all over the world an opportunity to enjoy the wines and produce from this famous region.

Paolo’s wife, Angela, and children, Giuseppe, Benny, and Maria Paola have inherited the philosophy of Nonna Benigna, completing many projects to propel the winery’s reputation onto the international stage.

The complementary application of traditional wine making techniques and of more modern and experimental techniques, makes Sorrentino Vini one of the most active and vibrant wineries involved in the search for the best quality wines from the indigenous grapes grown on their land.

We at Campania Wines say Grazie Nonna, per tutto! Thank you, Grandma for everything!

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