That’s The Spirit! Introducing Petrone Liqueurs & Baba’s

That’s The Spirit! Introducing Petrone Liqueurs & Baba’s

We at Campania Wines pride ourselves in ranging only authentic products from the Campania region of Italy. And one of the most prestigious distillers of the region, producing a variety of liqueurs and baba’s is The Antica Distilleria Petrone .

Petrone was officially founded by Domenico Petrone in the early 1850s when the idea of a united Italy was gathering momentum.

In the south of Italy, including the island of Sicily, the region was controlled by the Bourbon Kings which ruled from Naples from 1734 to 1861. They introduced political stability, and a huge modernisation program that transformed Naples into a modern city.

With the rise of the middle classes, and the popularity of the ‘Grand Tour’, visitors to Naples, and the recently un-earthed excavations at Pompei and Herculaneum, wine merchants, hostelries and distillers provided these thirsty tourists with lodgings, food, wines, spirits and liqueurs.

At the same time, Domenico Petrone introduced several liqueurs, one them, an amaro (an end of meal drink), in honour of the Royal Household which soon became an established after dinner Royal tipple, any sophisticated house would have stocked.

We are delighted to announce that Campania Wines have introduced a selection of liqueurs and baba’s for your delectation, and we’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘Salute!

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