When life hands you lemons…drink limoncello!

When life hands you lemons…drink limoncello!

Made with love, by Staibano

An after-dinner digestivo for all occasions

Digestivi – shots of flavoured alcohol taken after meals to cut through that bloated, ‘I wish I hadn’t eaten quite so much,’ feeling – have a centuries-long history. Wine infused with bitter herbs was said to aid digestion in Roman times, stave off disease and even possess supernatural powers, though I’ve yet to discover what magic ensued after imbibing such a potion. Perhaps best not to speculate!

Traditional Italian digestivi, particularly Amaro Festina Ramazzotti, can be on the bitter side (amaro actually translates as bitter) and many are certainly an acquired taste with a kick like a donkey with an alcoholic content of 20-40%.  A tangy, acid-sweet limoncello serves the same purpose as an Amaro but its taste is fresh and delicious rather than toe-curling. Though customarily consumed after meals along the Amalfi coast, my contention is that our beautiful Staibano Limoncello is an any time, any place, anywhere drink with enough sunshine in its soul to warm the darkest days of winter.

Staibano tradition and passion

The recipe for Campania Wines’ mouth-watering Staibano Limoncello dates back to 1932 with thanks due to one Don Vincenzo Staibano. He loved to party and generally live the high life just south of Naples – and to share his zest for life by creating wonderful drinks using the very best Amalfi lemons known as Sfusato Amalfitano. Lemons? You’d be forgiven for confusing them with grapefruits, such is their size, and they’ve been awarded IGP status (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) to protect their enviable reputation as the world’s finest.

The recipe is simple and traditional, the results delectable. Thick lemon rinds are infused with alcohol for around 8 days and the liquid takes on the characteristics of the essential oils in the peel. Then it’s mixed with sugar syrup, bottled and left to mature. È tutto! And the Staibano label is a work of art which would grace any dining table, designed by an amazing artist, Aleksandra Laika, inspired by the Staibano family’s love for posters from the 20s-50s.

Making the most of your limoncello

As an after-dinner digestivo, Staibano Limoncello is traditionally served chilled, in an ice-cold shot glass.
For a super-refreshing long drink, dilute it with acqua frizzante and you could add more lemon juice for extra zing.
A Limoncello Martini is equal parts limoncello and vodka and some lemon juice served over ice
It’s delicious poured over ice-cream or pancakes
As a cooking ingredient (although it seems almost sacrilegious to do anything other than drink it!) it’s great in lemon possets and syllabubs
Are you a lemon drizzle cake fan? Then make a very adult version using limoncello instead of lemon juice to make the syrup.

Sip it and see…

As I always say, I could wax lyrical for ages about the drinks we import from Campania, but the very best thing to do is try it for yourself – and if you can bear to part with it, a bottle would make a great gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

So here we have it: Staibano Limoncello  https://campaniawines.co.uk/shop/staibano-limoncello/ or, if you like a creamy liqueur, then go for a bottle of Staibano Amalfi Smooth https://campaniawines.co.uk/shop/staibano-limoncello-cream/  https://campaniawines.co.uk/staibano-amalfi-smooth-lemon-tangy-liqueur-to-brighten-any-dull-day/ Or, better still, buy a bottle of each to compare and contrast.