Sunday best for Campania Food and Wine!

Sunday best for Campania Food and Wine!

We’re getting noticed across the UK, with our tempting range of wines from the Campania region of Italy. Each one that we offer is a little bit out of the ordinary and more than a little bit special, so you won’t be finding them on any supermarket shelves.

In this week’s Sunday Times magazine (20th April 2014), in a rather tongue-in-cheek article about the need to drink wine after a relationship break-up as ‘balm for emotional bruises,’ our very own Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio is featured.

In English translation, ‘Christ’s Tears’ is, of course, particularly relevant for Easter Sunday, though with a slightly irreligious comment from the author of the article that it’s a reminder that one’s own suffering is not so bad. The name derives from an ancient myth that Christ cried about Lucifer’s fall from heaven, and his tears fell on Mount Vesuvius, giving divine inspiration to the vines growing there.

Our Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio, priced at £12.99, tastes of smoke, minerals, white pepper and raspberries. It’s crisp and dry and truly delicious – and, really, better to drink with family and friends than on your own after a break up!

Order some today and find out for yourself!