Still – and sparkling – waters run deep in Campania!

Still – and sparkling – waters run deep in Campania!

From the moment our company was born in 2011 we’ve been on a mission to supply our customers with only the very best produce from the Campania region. Our two mineral waters – sparkling Ferrarelle and still Natía  are nothing short of a triumph in this respect.

It’s little surprise that Ferrarelle is described as Italy’s #1 sparkling water.  Consider the usual cheap and cheerful bottles available on any supermarket shelf. What’s their composition? For the most part, tap water shot through with carbon dioxide gas under pressure to make it effervescent.

I can assure you that Ferrarelle is oceans away from that – and you won’t find it, or Natía, in a UK supermarket, either!

Ferrarelle mineral water is completely natural. Those fine bubbles that burst on your tongue are derived from earth’s bounty of carbon dioxide, found 15 kilometres below Roccamonfina, an extinct volcano found in the province of Caserta. On its slopes, rainwater percolates through the subsoil – the start of a ten-year underground journey which makes Ferrarelle water a true miracle of nature.

Inside the volcano, the water is purified and, over time, it absorbs minerals including magnesium, calcium, silica and potassium. There it meets the carbon dioxide too, to complete its restorative mineral content. Finally, it bursts forth into the light of day at natural springs on the Riardo plain, where it’s collected and bottled for your delectation.

Those springs have been used since Roman times, when locals bathed, keen to benefit from the water’s healing properties, as written about by Pliny the Elder. At the very end of the 19th Century, the ‘Ferrarelle Hot Springs Resort’ was established, though it never reached its full potential, the owners preferring to concentrate on the drinking water market.

As for Natía still water, it comes from the same place, but its journey underground is shorter – a mere five years – and only 10 kilometres underground, hence the lack of carbon dioxide and consequent bubbles. However, it lacks none of the delicious taste of its sparkling sister, yet with its own distinct character.  It’s drawn from a well on the Riardo plain, and, like Ferrarelle is extensively tested on a daily basis to guarantee its mineral content and purity.

Both Natía and Ferrarelle would grace any dining table. Natía has a lower mineral content, and is savoury with a slightly salty aftertaste. Ferrarelle, soft, fresh and so smooth on the palate, is the ideal companion for any course of any meal.

It’s watery heaven with Campania Food and Wine still Natía and sparkling Ferrarelle!

Refresh your palate; order some today.