Red Gold-Italianavera

Red Gold-Italianavera

Once in a while, the buying team at Campania Wines come across a producer that sums up the philosophy, beauty and simplicity of the Campania region through its products. Italianavera is such a producer. Its story, highlights the Campania region through the tomato which is synonymous with the culture, history & cooking traditions of this proud region.

When we ordered the products and sampled a selection of the recipes, the flavours and aromas of using simple ingredients in cooking typical food from Campania, transported us to the kitchens of the nonna’s and mamma’s who lovingly prepared and cooked wonderful, simple meals that all the family enjoyed, and would never miss.

Cooking with Italianavera products, we are very happy to say, you can bring together these aromas, and flavours recreating that same feeling in your own home too. By the way, you don’t have to be Italian to appreciate Italianvera products!

We were also fascinated by the founder of Italalianvera, Diana Attianese whose passion for the tomatoes that grew around the fertile soils around Vesuvius and towards the Amalfi Coast founded Italianavera with a simple mission: Quality comes first.

Her story started in 2013, at her aunt’s kitchen who was a skilled cook after watching and learning from Diana’s grandmother. Diana wanted to recreate some of the recipes learnt by her aunt, so Diana set about writing up the recipes, using local ingredients and pasteurizing jars in the bain-marie filled the jars with San Marzano tomatoes, mixed with basil, capers and a little salt and pepper.

The jars were cooled and set aside for a month or so. Soon after that, when Diana was feeling particularly hungry one day, she opened one of the jars to mix with her pasta, and she was immediately transported back to her childhood. Enjoying the sauce that paired so well with the pasta, she thought, if she liked it, imagine what the reaction would be around the world when tasting something so good.

ItalianaVera was born in 2014. Since then, Italianavera has gone from strength-to-strength winning awards domestically and overseas, it was only a matter of time when Italianavera would appear in the UK. Campania Wines is proud to announce it has a selection of ready-made sauces, passata, San Marzano & Piennolo tomatoes with Italianavera pasta for you try at home, and once cooked you too can be transported to the Amalfi Coast.
Buon appetito!