One Vision, Many Passions-Feudi di San Gregorio

One Vision, Many Passions-Feudi di San Gregorio

No, it’s not an ode to Queen’s 1986 hit One Vision which was conceived by drummer Roger Taylor, inspired by the life of Martin Luther King, recounting a man battling against the injustice and prejudice of 1960’s America.

This is an ode to Antonio Capaldo’s family who have built Feudi di San Gregorio into one of Southern Italy’s major wine brands, and have put the region of Campania on the Italian map, making its presence felt worldwide, utilizing talented artists and wine makers. Producing exquisite wines from indigenous grape varieties.

Created in 1986 in Sorbo Serpico in the Avellino province, Feudi recognized early on that in order to be successful, producing wines of such quality, style and elegance would enable them to stand out from the rest of the wines being produced at that time.

The success of Feudi has been boiled down to protecting the ancient grape varieties, such as Sirica, research, a respect for the land, modern wine techniques and design.

One of the most important visions of Feudi di San Gregorio is to believe that the birth of a wine has the same creative process as a work of art.

The love and passion in caring for the vines and the land, the commitment to harvesting grapes and the patience in waiting for the wine to mature, ensure that each bottle expresses its personality and becomes a work of art in its own right.

It is with this approach that collaborations with great masters and talented young people are born, aimed at continuing and increasing the desire for a continuous exchange of knowledge and creativity between wine and art. If you look at each wine style from Feudi, whether it is Lacryma Christi, Taurasi, or DUBL sparkling wine, each label has a story to tell.

Campania Wines is proud to stock 16 wine styles from Feudi di San Gregorio. Our latest editions being Sirica, Piano di Monte Vergine – Taurasi Riserva, and Visione.

Sirica, is a Campania wine that takes its name from the vine of the same name from which it is made. It is an ancient grape variety, which has now almost disappeared. Feudi di San Gregorio is the only winery that is producing this wine. The grapes, once harvested and brought to the winery for winemaking, ferment in stainless steel tanks, macerating for about 3 weeks. This is followed by 12 months ageing in French oak barrels and, after bottling, for another 9 months, before being released. In the glass, ruby red in colour. In the mouth hints of crushed raspberries and cloves. Fresh and soft taste, spicy, with good structure and persistence in the mouth. Sweet, non-astringent tannins make this wine perfect with roasted red meats or tomato based dishes.

Piano di Monte Vergine – Taurasi Riserva is the best expression of the Aglianico grape. Often said in wine circles as the ‘Barolo of the South’, this Riserva is aged for 4 years as opposed to 3 years for other styles of Taurasi, and what a difference a year can make.

In the glass, deep ruby red, on the nose, a scent of summer roses. In the mouth, balsamic notes, mocha, spicy pepper and coffee. A lovely balance with a long finish.

And finally, Visione, a wine that from its name fully embodies the constant desire of the Feudi di San Gregorio winery to remain at the forefront of quality Italian wines. The bottle design evokes its main characteristics: style and elegance.

The rose’ is made from the Aglianico grape used to make Taurasi but unlike Taurasi, Visione is the result of a soft pressing of the grapes and minimal skin contact, followed by ageing in stainless steel tanks for 4 months. In the glass it has an intense and bright pink colour. On the nose, fresh rose aromas and light fruity scents reminiscent of raspberry and wild strawberries. In the mouth it is fresh and balanced, and very pleasant. Ideal with ‘Fried Chicken’.

These and 13 other wine styles from Feudi di San Gregorio are available from Campania Wines.

So if you are looking for a wine to grace a table whether red, white, rose’, sparkling or dessert, you need just one vision: Feudi di San Gregorio.