Donna Elvira certified AWEsome!

Donna Elvira certified AWEsome!

We at Campania Wines are very excited to inform you that one of the wines we list, (on Donna Elvira, Settemazze Aglianico 2018 has been selected by the AWE, Association of Wine Educators for the 100 AWEsome wines award for 2022.

So, I hear some of you ask, what is a wine educator, and can I be one?

AWE members are specialist educators who have experience either in the wine trade or in education or both. A number of members are active in the media as wine writers or radio/TV presenters.
AWE members must have obtained the WSET Diploma or an equivalent qualification, and some are Masters of Wine. All members are experienced in presenting on wine in general, or on their specialist subjects, and have been assessed on these specific skills. The AWE insists that all members present wines objectively.
They taste and assess thousands of wines every year. Their opinions are unbiased, they are looking for reliability, for quality, for a good example of type and so when a wine stands out as being superb value for money or something special, it is a judgement which AWE Educators believe can be trusted. Every year the list is becoming increasingly popular as a method for consumers to choose and identify good wine.

According to Nina Cerullo’s assessment of Donna Elvira Settemazze Aglianico: ‘A perfect introduction to Campania’s native red grape. Aglianico can be really tannic and often needs time to show off. This, however, has super-ripe tannins, smooth and juicy ripe cherry and sweet spice. A real palate pleaser and a perfect foody companion.’

For Tony Fink and his family at Donna Elvira Wines, it’s a testament to the hard work and attention to every detail that has made Donna Elvira Settemazze Aglianico such a sought-after wine.
For this wine, and other wines from the Donna Elvira range look no further than Campania Wines, home to AWEsome wines.