Love From Sorrento

Love From Sorrento

We at Campania Wines always like to spread good news, especially in these uncertain times. And it doesn’t get any better than announcing the arrival of the new season of wines from Sorrentino Vini. Whether you’re into red, white, rosato, or sparkling red (!), all priced at £15.00, we have it in stock.

Take this opportunity to order these food friendly wines and perhaps enjoy sipping an organic Falanghina and with your eyes half closed, dreaming you are in Sorrento, overlooking the bay of Naples, with Vesuvius looming large in the background. Che bello!






Campania Wines Buying Trip And Website Enhancements

Campania Wines will be temporarily closed from April 11th to April 22nd as the owners will be on a buying trip. During this period, our IT department will take the opportunity to enhance your online shopping experience by updating our website.

Please note that as a result of the temporary closure, no orders will be dispatched between the 11th and 22nd of April. If you place an order in this time your items will be sent once we reopen.