When life throws you lemons…drink Limoncello!

When life throws you lemons…drink Limoncello!

We love our Limoncello, here at Campania Wine! It’s another taste of sunshine, straight from the Amalfi Coast around Sorrento, perfect for rounding off a meal, perfect any time.

Limoncello is one of the most famous digestivi in Italy – a tangy citrus, exquisitely balanced between sweetness and acidity to cleanse your palate, light enough to be tempting even when you’re full of pasta…

Nobody’s quite sure where Limoncello was first produced, or when, but it’s a fair guess it started life in a monastery somewhere in Southern Italy. We like to think it was in Campania.

If you ever thought that one lemon was very much like another, then you’ve never experienced Limone de Sorrento. They are round and they are huge – as big as grapefruits sometimes – with inch-thick skins, thriving on the sun-soaked terraces of Campania.

Limoncello may also be made from Limone Costa d’Amalfi,which have a more tapered shape and an intense scent, as well as a higher concentration of Vitamin C than other lemons.

So, not just any old lemons then, for Limoncello…

Producing Limoncello is not a difficult process. Italian families make it at home and you’ll find own-brands in many Campania restaurants too. If you fancy having a go – here’s how:

Pick your lemons fresh from a tree. Make sure they are still a little green since those contain the highest level of oil to make your Limoncello the most full of flavour and fragrance. Infuse the lemon zest in pure alcohol for a week then add sugar syrup. As simple as that!

If you haven’t a convenient lemon tree or a ready supply of pure alcohol, then buy a bottle of our limoncello instead!

Limoncello is made to be sipped, icy cold, from a pretty glass, or as a cocktail mixer – but it’s wonderfully versatile in desserts, cakes and pastries too. Try it drizzled on ice-cream or panna cotta; whisk it into mascarpone cheese to accompany a fruit salad; use it as a base for granita or a magic ingredient for lemon drizzle cake – the list is endless.

Can you resist the temptation?