Getting Your Just Desserts With Di Cristian’s Baba

Getting Your Just Desserts With Di Cristian’s Baba

Imagine having a Pasticceria (pastry shop) to enjoy rum, limoncello or even rum & chocolate Baba’ in your very own home?

Well at Campania Wines we are able to offer you that luxury in the form of Di Cristian’s Baba’ which are produced in Naples.

His Baba’ Barratolo have earned many awards; the latest (pre Covid) at the Great Taste Awards in 2019, where Di Cristian’s Baba’s won not one, not two, but three gold stars. A testament to the quality cakes his team produces.

The Baba’ that Di Cristian make are slightly different to the ones enjoyed in coffee shops, bars and restaurants in Italy. Di Cristian uses the ‘sealed jar cooking’ process in which the Baba’ maintains its freshness for a period of several months at room temperature, preserving all its softness and its aroma without using any preservatives. Di Cristian’s Baba’s are made by hand using the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients such as fresh eggs, flour and butter. Once kneaded, the Baba’ is left to rise, then inserted into the jar and subjected to a second leavening, for a total of 36 hours. Finally, the Baba’ is moistened and cooked.

Di Cristian’s Baba’, like any other kind of dessert, does not enjoy a long shelf life: once removed from the jar, it should be consumed within a few hours, so as not to lose its fragrance and taste.

The Baba’ can serve up to 6/8 people and it should be cut preferably in horizontal slices and served with fruit or ice cream or a drizzle of your favourite liqueur. We’ve got a video for you to follow to see how easy it is to produce a dessert without too much effort. Store at room temperature away from heat sources. Once opened, store in the fridge, and consume within 2 to 3 days.

So, the next time you have friends over for a coffee or want to want to share a treat with a loved one, why not have a rum, limoncello, or rum & chocolate Baba’ without the bother?