Campania Wines flying high at Luton Airport

Campania Wines flying high at Luton Airport

In an exciting new venture, we’ve been listed as the main UK supplier associated with the innovative DUBL Wine Bar, airside at Luton Airport. The bar sells wines from Feudi Di San Gregorio, a Campanian wine estate with which we’ve developed a close relationship over a number of years. We’re proud to stock UK exclusives from their wonderful range of wines, and every single wine—red, white, rosé and sparkling— that’s on offer at the DUBL bar.

DUBL bubbles and food

Around 2004, Feudi Di San Gregorio employed an expert from the Champagne region of France, Anselme Selosse, to work with them, using native Campanian grapes—Greco, Aglianico and Falanghina—to produce sparkling wines of distinction. An outstanding triumph! Forget Prosecco; think again before you order expensive champagne; try DUBL instead. Whatever your taste, there’s sure to be something to please you, with five varieties to choose from.

Capitalising on a wave of popularity, and always looking to expand its market, Feudi Di San Gregorio opened three premium DUBL wine bars in Italy, serving top quality authentic Italian foods from small Campanian producers, alongside the fizz and other wines from the estate.

Recently, a company called Casual Dining Group (CDG) won the contract to bring DUBL bars to the UK, wishing to combine excellent wines with outstanding customer experiences. The bar at Luton Airport is the first, so here at Campania Wines, we’re particularly happy to be a part of what’s destined to be a burgeoning success at other airports and travel hubs, and perhaps in retail stores too.

Your holiday starts at the DUBL Bar

Long gone are the days when your only choice for airport refreshments was a tired burger outlet. At Luton Airport, you can luxuriate at the DUBL Bar, with a couple of glasses of the finest sparkling wine from Feudi Di San Gregorio, with an authentic Italian snack, or be extra decadent and sample the fresh oysters.

From gourmet meals accompanied by exceptionally good wines, to ordering a delicious panini to take on board your flight, the DUBL bar will brighten up your airport waiting time like no other establishment. The staff have been trained in Italy, spending time at the DUBL Bar in Naples, as well as days at the farm watching cheese production and olives being pressed to make oil. Unsurprisingly, following those experiences, they’re all passionate about the products and delighted to pass on a little bit of the welcoming culture of the Campania region.

And on your return…

We’re sure that, even after a trip abroad, customers of the DUBL Bar will still remember the taste of Campania and be keen to order wines for home consumption. That’s where we come in! We can supply all the wines to UK customers, and you’ll see our website details at the bar, on sophisticated black cards.

So, from Campania Wines to Luton Airport DUBL Bar customers, we say buon viaggio, and see you online when you return, keen to order some stunning wines.

(And, by the way, of course you can order from us even if you aren’t planning a holiday in the sun via Luton Airport!)