Biancolella-a white grape variety from Ischia with heritage & style

Biancolella-a white grape variety from Ischia with heritage & style

At Campania Wines we like to pride ourselves in providing wines that best represent the Campania region of Italy. Biancolella from Feudi Di San Gregorio is one such wine and we are proud to say that it is a UK exclusive.

The first thing I hear you say, what is Biancolella and why haven’t I heard of it before?

Well, it’s a white grape of Greek heritage, with the wine having a straw-yellow colour with green tints. The aroma is fruity and floral, it has a dry taste and a delicate after-taste of almonds.

Around the bay of Naples, Biancolella is blended with other grape varieties such as Forastera to make basic local table wines.

However on the island of Ischia, in the Bay of Naples, Biancolella is the signature white grape and its wines are made by a handful of wine makers due to the size of the small rugged island.

Here, Biancolella is in its element, it thrives on the volcanic soils and is created as a varietal wine with lots of character.

If you have ever been to Ischia, you will know that it is blessed with warm weather, natural thermal spas, sandy beaches, a mountainous interior and breath taking sights.

Winemaking has been produced on the island since it was founded around 700 B.C by a group of Greek explorers known as the Euboeans, and later colonized by the Romans who named the island ‘Enaria’, meaning ‘Land of Wine’.

What makes Biancolella so special? Well for one thing the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the sea breeze, the tufa stone and volcanic soil toiled by workers on steeply inclined vineyards makes producing Biancolella wine so difficult and time consuming. Volumes are low, and what is produced, is consumed locally. That’s why at Campania Wines are so excited that we have managed to secure several cases for your pleasure.

Perfect to accompany first courses, it is an ideal match for our featured recipe Coniglio alla cacciatora in bianco – Hunter’s Style Rabbit from Ischia. Just click below for the recipe.


So what are you waiting for? This is one of those rare occasions when the saying ‘When it’s gone is gone’, is absolutely valid!

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