Valentine’s Day – Campania style with Strega

Valentine’s Day – Campania style with Strega

Bewitched by Alberti’s Strega chocolates

January moves into February. It’s that time of the year when red roses double in price, every greeting card shop window is vibrant with hearts and flowers, and young girls wait hopefully by the letterbox.

Mystery surrounds the exact origin of Valentine’s Day but the most popular legend comes from Italy. A kindly priest called Valentine married star-crossed couples in secret, in defiance of the Roman Emperor’s orders banning marriage in times of war. For his devotion, in 269 AD, he was beaten with clubs then beheaded – on February 14th   

Yes – St. Valentine; the patron saint of love – but also, bizarrely, of beekeepers, epilepsy, fainting and plague, which rather takes the edge off any thoughts of romance!

Here at Campania Food and Wine, we’ve made buying Valentine’s Day gifts easy for you with our mouth-watering selection of chocolates from Alberti of Benevento. This artisan producer has a passion for tradition and quality, undiminished since the formation of his company in 1860.

Giuseppe Alberti created the delicious herb-based liqueur called Strega – Italian for witch. Yet another legend has it that, while foraging for herbs, Alberti saved a witch from a falling tree and to thank him, she presented him with the secret formula for the liqueur.

Strega is perfect for Valentine’s Day – especially when encased in Alberti’s handmade fine milk or dark chocolate. Why? Because it’s a love potion with the power to bewitch!

It’s said that if you share Strega with someone you shall be forever united. Pop one of these delicious chocolates into your sweet intended’s mouth and…who knows?

You have the choice of Magie Strega Fondente Dark Chocolate or Magie Strega Milk Chocolate.

There’s more luscious magic from Alberti from his Magie Limoncello milk chocolates with a soft centre of fresh cream and chocolate, flavoured with the sun-ripened lemon tang of Limoncello liqueur.

Finally, how about the classic taste of ‘Gloria’ Gianduja Chocolate bursting with hazelnuts? Gianduja is a sweet chocolate containing about 30% hazelnut paste – rather like a sophisticated version of Nutella.

Enough to win anyone’s heart.

Love is in the air at Campania Food and Wines – and we don’t hike our prices up for Valentine’s Day either!





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