Pàtrimo- A Wine Born By Chance

Pàtrimo- A Wine Born By Chance

Cultivated in Italy since the late nineteenth century, Merlot has adapted to different soils and climates, showing a versatile personality, sometimes with surprising results. Pàtrimo was a wine born by chance because no one knew there were Merlot vines in Irpinia. The story began with an old supplier that was delivering grapes and not declaring them as Merlot but Aglianico. Then, after checking the vineyards, Feudi di San Gregorio noticed that these grapes had different suppleness, shapes and taste than the grapes they thought they were purchasing.

Rather than dismissing these grapes that came from vines nearing 100 years old, Feudi di San Gregorio decided to make a wine so unexpected in the Campania region. It is the only international grape variety that Feudi di San Gregorio produce and is called Pàtrimo from the latin pater, meaning father, paying tribute to their forefathers who protected the grape vines for nearly 100 years.

From there, this important wine became a new expression of Merlot.

Today only a few thousand bottles are produced and Campania Wines is excited and proud to stock this iconic wine.

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Feudi di San Gregorio Pàtrimo Merlot 2016