One wine, one vision – Galardi Terra Di Lavoro

One wine, one vision – Galardi Terra Di Lavoro

A family-owned estate which produces just one wine? At Campania Wines, that speaks volumes. To us, it speaks of passion for perfection and a commitment to making wine of the very highest quality, focusing every iota of dedication and expertise into one remarkable product. That is Galardi’s Terra Di Lavoro, which we are delighted to introduce to you here at Campania Wines.

The Galardi estate is set on the flanks of the Roccamonfina volcano, in the north west of Campania. The volcano, so history records, last erupted about 50,000 years ago but it has left its mark in the form volcanic ash which adds a distinctive mineral quality to any wine produced from grapes grown on its slopes.

Terra Di Lavoro translates into Land of Work and the rocky soil certainly provides that for the enthusiastic Murena-Celentano-Catello cousins who started the estate as a hobby. This has now transformed into a life-changing business venture with the support of renowned wine-making expert Riccardo Cotarella. Business venture it may be but the cousins have lost none of the passion that ignited their love of fine wine production in the first place.

Together, they nurture native grapes Aglianico and Piedirosso, making the most of their particular characteristics and the growing conditions, which are ideal in terms of climate and of exposure.

And the wine? Where to begin? Read through the descriptions from international experts and they run out of hyperboles – stunning, beguiling, a legend, utterly thrilling, breathtaking, unique – is that enough to tempt you?

For the taste, imagine an explosion of purple fruits, volcanic minerals and smokiness, leather, balsamic, marzipan, spices – it’s all there to melt your palate and your heart with resonating style and intense full-bodied elegance.

At Campania Wines, we stock the 2010 vintage which is set to become the jewel in the crown of the Galardi estate, consistently awarded the very highest grades by all the experts,  so buy while you can.

It’s definitely a special occasion purchase, an absolute collector’s item, retailing at £75. Antonio Galloni (Wine Advocate) suggests leaving it to mature for a few years but doubts whether anyone will be able to resist its magic for very long.

At Campania Wines, unlike other UK stockists, we are delighted to offer you Galardi Terra Di Lavoro by the bottle rather than by the case.

Avoid a lifetime of regrets  and order some today!