Mulino Caputo 00 Flour & Mulino Caputo Dry Active Yeast, A Perfect Baking Partnership

Mulino Caputo 00 Flour & Mulino Caputo Dry Active Yeast, A Perfect Baking Partnership

When we think of eating home made pizza or pasta, the emphasis is on the flour, it’s got to be 00 flour or it won’t be authentic enough. Right? That’s true to a point, but what about the yeast; the humble partner to flour in many recipes?

Without yeast, we would not have wine, as yeast is used in the fermentation process to convert sugar into alcohol, and we wouldn’t have pasta, bread or pizza without this amazing fungus, as yeast can also produce carbon dioxide which ensures your bread rises while proofing. What are the ingredients for a perfect pizza base? Flour is not enough.

At Campania Wines, we believe that Mulino Caputo yeast definitely steps up to the plate and delivers. But first of all, how is dry yeast produced?

Dry yeast is produced from molasses which is a particular type of sugar obtained from beet and sugar cane. Together with oxygen the yeast cells begin to reproduce and multiply. This process is called fermentation.
After fermentation, the yeast is separated from the molasses and first washed to remove impurities, then centrifuged and finally dehydrated and reduced to microgranules to make active dry yeast.

But why use active dry yeast I hear you ask?

Yes, there is fresh and liquid yeast available when making your perfect pasta, but the advantages of a dry and immediately active product, not needing any further processing steps, make active dry yeast the hands down winner. With active dry yeast because the dehydration process eliminates water, it can extend the product shelf life up to 24 months, so you can keep using the active dry yeast from the day you open the container to the day you’ve used up the last granule.

Active dry yeast is more stable than fresh or liquid yeast – the fresh yeast works especially in the first 2 hours of resting of the dough, whilst active dry yeast has a slower, but more constant over time action.
The combination of Mulino Caputo active dry yeast and the Mulino Caputo range of flour we have in stock for you, gives you an opportunity to make a melt in the mouth Neapolitan pizza or a light pasta that would make any Italian, but especially any Neapolitan mamma proud.

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