Frantoio Gargiulo Olive Oils

Frantoio Gargiulo Olive Oils

Think of the world famous Mediterranean diet and one of the most important foods and the ingredients that accompany it, are olives and olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for your health and may reduce the risk of heart disease, due to its monounsaturated fat content. Containing polyphenols, extra virgin olive oil acts as an antioxidant, reducing the oxidative stress throughout your body.

There’s also a small amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are also present in extra virgin olive oil, which are essential for brain health. Vitamin E, which is great for skin health, is also found in extra virgin olive oil too. But what is extra virgin olive oil and why is it so special?

Extra virgin olive oil is essentially the naturally extracted juice from fresh olives. The olives are crushed into a paste, and the oil is physically extracted from this paste without the use of chemicals or heat, preserving all the natural goodness.

At Campania Food and Wine, we believe that the products of the Campania region certainly reflect the healthy Mediterranean diet and have selected Frantoio Gargiulo olive oils for your delectation.

Frantoio Gargiulo was established in 1849, in the surrounding hills of Sorrento. Their mill with stone grinder and manual press began its production activity, and with the introduction of new technologies in the production process over the centuries, Frantoio Gargiulo has not affected their link with tradition.  The control of the entire production chain and the careful selection of the raw material at source ensures a product with an inimitable taste that keeps intact its extraordinary organoleptic properties. The company has 2 hectares of olive groves, giving it a position of having the olives on its doorstep, and only picking the ripest olives at the right time of year.

We’ve selected an extra virgin olive oil, and some flavoured olive oils for you to choose from.

Buon appetito!

Frantoio Gargiulo Syrenum DOP Sorrento Peninsula Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Protected Designated Origin extra virgin olive is made from the local Minucciola olive which gives the olive oil a green colour, with reflections of yellow straw.

The flavour is slightly fruity, evoking scents that typify Sorrento Peninsula: lemon, mint and rosemary.

Frantoio Gargiulo Sorrento Lemon IGP Olive Oil

The blend of local olives and the world famous Sorrrento lemons gives the lemon olive oil a fresh and intense flavour, and the typical scent of the Sorrento Coast makes the oil the perfect seasoning for dishes based on fish, white meats, salads and vegetables.

Frantoio Gargiulo Garlic Olive Oil

Flavoured oils are a great thing to have in your larder to give dishes a distinctive tang. With the rich flavour of garlic, this garlic olive oil is the perfect accompaniment to any inspired dish. Try drizzled over cooked prawns, or roasted potatoes.

Frantoio Gargiulo Chilli Olive Oil

Use this oil on pizza, pasta, especially chilli prawn linguine or anything you want with a fiery kick!

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