Campania Wines website a finalist in the Sussex Digital Awards

Campania Wines website a finalist in the Sussex Digital Awards

To say we’re delighted about this news is possibly the understatement of the year. Ever since our website was launched in early 2016, you wouldn’t believe how many positive comments we’ve had about the fresh new look and the ease of navigation. (Actually, I take that back, because you’re here on the website so you can see for yourself how exceptional it is!)

It was designed by Shaun McElvaine of Magnify Creative. He really took on board my vision for a website which reflected the wonderful colours of the Campania region’s wine and food, together with an uncluttered look which made navigating the site as easy as possible. Shaun told me, “We wanted to showcase the beautiful product imagery as much as possible across the site to give a feeling of luxury. The idea was to inspire visitors and give them the impression of quality. The use of hierarchy and white space adds a feeling of lightness and makes the products really stand out.”

With regard to the navigation, he chose simplicity, with the ability to filter products by name or by price.  He added, “Users can use the main navigation menu or intelligent search functionality. The checkout process is also contained in one page to help increase the conversion rate.”  And increase the conversion rate it certainly has – most noticeably. How great is that? A beautiful website which has encouraged more people to sample the wonderful produce of Campania.

Shaun has created many websites, so I wondered why he chose ours in particular to submit to the Sussex Digital Awards. This was his answer:

“Because it reflects great products in a beautiful way. The competition is for Sussex-based businesses and one of the categories is e-commerce.

The Campania Wines website includes a lot of the design and functionality that we think should be in more e-commerce sites.”

We completely agree with you, Shaun, based on the performance of this site, and offer you our heartfelt thanks and congratulations.  We’re looking forward to the SDA finals dinner ceremony on April 13 in Lewes, keeping everything crossed for further acknowledgement for a great piece of work.

For more information, please see the short case study on the Magnify site:  – and then, seriously consider asking Shaun to create a website for you too.





Campania Wines Buying Trip And Website Enhancements

Campania Wines will be temporarily closed from April 11th to April 22nd as the owners will be on a buying trip. During this period, our IT department will take the opportunity to enhance your online shopping experience by updating our website.

Please note that as a result of the temporary closure, no orders will be dispatched between the 11th and 22nd of April. If you place an order in this time your items will be sent once we reopen.